Air-Tightness Testing for Self-Builds

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Enpro UK provides on-site air tightness testing throughout the UK on both commercial and residential buildings. We also offer a free consultancy at design stage, or a one-off pre-test visit to highlight problem areas.

Air tightness is the key feature of any energy efficient building; by reducing wasted heat and allows the buildings atmosphere to be controlled with mechanical ventilation heat recovery units creating a healthier environment.

Air-tightness testing is undertaken to determine a buildings air-permeability rating. Air tightness testing is an integral part of Part L of The Building Regulations which requires new buildings to meet specific air-permeability targets.

Achieving improved air tightness is a key factor in building contractors meeting the government’s target for reduced carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency.

What is an Air Permeability Test?

Air permeability testing, also known as air leakage testing establishes the rate at which air leaks out of a building when all windows, doors and extractors are closed. The higher the air leakage, the more heating the building may require. Therefore, the building may have substantial energy consumption and CO2 emissions, high heating bills and occupant discomfort.

Through our experience with self builds and small developers, we know our clients have not always been made fully aware of the requirements of an air test, and what it entails until the latter stages of their build, or even upon completion. This will likely cause problems when it comes to having your dwelling airtight for a test to be carried out.

Carrying out the Test

One of our engineers will set up a blower door and fan to one of the external doors, and begin to extract air from the building to create a pressure differential. Pressure readings will be taken and used to measure the amount of air leaks into the building per hour. These readings are then used to calculate the air permeability score achieved by the dwelling tested.

From there we can see if the limit set in your SAP (standard assessment procedure) has been achieved.

On completion you will receive your air test certificate on the same day via email from one of our trusted members of staff.

We are here to help

Please get in touch as early as possible in your build. We offer our technical expertise free of charge throughout the construction process, aiming to make your air test as straight forward and hassle free as possible.

Moreover, if your site fails an air test, we won't just walk away. We will talk to you and your management team and offer advice on what you need to do to gain your EPC. With input from one of our experienced engineers, we can usually resolve the problem on the same day.

Short Notice Requests

Get in touch with one of our experienced members of our team at Enpro UK, and we will always aim to get to you as soon as possible. With notice, we can also test at weekends if needed. There will be an extra charge for this service.

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