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On-site Air-Tightness Testing and Thermographic Inspections, UK

About Enpro UK

Enpro UK provides on-site air tightness testing throughout the UK on both commercial and residential buildings. We also offer a free consultancy at design stage, or a one-off pre-test visit to highlight problem areas. Air tightness is the key feature of any energy efficient building; by reducing wasted heat and allows the buildings atmosphere to be controlled with mechanical ventilation heat recovery units creating a healthier environment.

Air-tightness testing is undertaken to determine a buildings air-permeability rating. Air tightness testing is an integral part of Part L of The Building Regulations which requires new buildings to meet specific air-permeability targets.

Achieving improved air tightness is a key factor in building contractors meeting the government's target for reduced carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency.

What we do

  • Comprehensive service
  • Design review
  • Construction phase inspections
  • Pre-test inspections
  • Air tightness test
  • Very large/complex buildings
  • Air leakage audit
  • Infrared thermographic surveys

Hassle-Free Thermographic Testing

We are Here to Help

Please get in touch as early as possible in your build. We offer our technical expertise free of charge throughout the construction process, aiming to make your air test as straight forward and hassle free as possible.

Moreover, if your site fails an air test, we won't just walk away. We will talk to you and your management team and offer advice on what you need to do to gain your EPC. With input from one of our experienced engineers, we can usually resolve the problem on the same day.

Our Services

Air-Tightness Testing

Air-tightness testing is a highly skilled process of identifying gaps and cracks within your property where heat is escaping through the external walls.

Thermographic Inspections

When it comes to heat loss within your home, thermal imaging is one of the best ways to accurately find the cause.