Thermal Imaging

Thermographic Inspections

UK-Wide Thermal Imaging Surveys for Commercial and Residential Buildings

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging or infrared thermography is the method of using heat given off by an object to produce an image. All objects emit radiation within the infrared spectrum, and this varies depending on the surface temperature of the object.

When it comes to heat loss within your home, thermal imaging is one of the best ways to accurately find any reasons that may be causing your house to be cold, causing you to waste money on unnecessarily high heating bills.

On completion we will produce a digital report of our survey, and solutions to any faults highlighted.

Customer Review

We have been working with Enpro for a number of years and in all that time there has only been praise from every site manager. The professionalism, helpfulness and speed of certificate issue is really the best in the industry.
- Gerard, Technical Manager

Hassle-Free Thermographic Testing

Carrying out a Survey

This survey needs to be carried out in specific weather conditions. Its is best carried out when the weather is cold outside, as it is important to have a temperature difference of around 10-15 degrees from inside to outside. This aids the thermal camera to pick up any defects in your home. Therefore, our surveys are usually carried out late in the evening or early morning.

Benefits of a Thermographic Inspection

100% Non-Destructive Survey

From air leakage and damp, to missing insulation and poor fittings, our surveys provide key evidence to what is wrong in your building.

Indentify Construction Defects

With an inspection from one of our experienced surveyors, we can identify any construction faults such as cold bridging and insulation defects through walls, ceilings and floors.

Lower Energy Bills

Once any faults are highlighted and omitted, we would expect you to notice the difference in your home comfort and see a reduction in your heating bills, whilst also reducing carbon emissions.